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We are still accepting applications for the spring session: April 3 - May 29, 2019.

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Learn Mandarin Chinese in Houston

ApplySightseeing at the Great Wall, visiting the Terracotta Warriors or traveling to Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong on business? Study Chinese language and culture before your trip. Join a Mandarin Chinese class in the Rice Foreign Language Program.

Our Mandarin Chinese courses are designed to develop conversational skills that will be especially useful in business or while traveling. The reading and writing of simplified characters are also taught but not emphasized. The Pinyin spelling system, used to transcribe Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet, is also presented. A minimum of five students is required to open a class.

Beginning-level students (I-IV) focus on pronunciation transcribed by the Pinyin spelling system. Students will acquire basic vocabulary and sentence patterns for everyday communication.
Intermediate-level students (V and VI) focus on vocabulary expansion and on developing spoken proficiency in diverse situations and on a variety of topics. Some attention is given to reading and writing Chinese characters.

Students should plan on at least two hours of homework per class.

Fee for eight-week session (3 hours weekly): $460

Apply for the Foreign Language Program by completing the online application.

Non-beginning students of Mandarin Chinese will be contacted by the instructor during the week before classes begin for a phone interview to determine placement.