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Learn Arabic in Houston

ApplyEnhance your business or travel experience in the Middle East. Enjoy the hospitality and the Arabic coffee and culture while speaking the language. Learn conversational Arabic in the Rice Foreign Language Program.

Our Arabic courses place emphasis on conversational skills. All levels of the program include some attention to culture and social customs in Arabic-speaking countries. A minimum of five students is required to open a class.

Beginning-level students (I-IV) learn practical vocabulary and basic language patterns of spoken Arabic. The reading and writing of standard Arabic is introduced.
Intermediate-level students (V and VI) learn the essentials of grammar and conversation and participate in discussions on more abstract subjects, including history, customs and traditions. Local colloquial accents are also added.

Students should plan on at least two hours of homework per class.

Fee for eight-week session (3 hours weekly): $460

Apply for the Foreign Language Program by completing the online application.

Non-beginning students of Arabic will be contacted by the instructor during the week before classes begin for a phone interview to determine placement.